The Jade Bloom Team Members’ Favorites

The Jade Bloom Team Members’ Favorites

From 100% pure essential oils to non-toxic skincare, haircare, and cleaning products, Jade Bloom has a wide variety of products available. The Jade Bloom Team has spent more than enough time around the various options and we’d venture to say that no one is more familiar with their uses and benefits. We have compiled a list of each team members’ overall favorite product as well as how they like to utilize it. The result is one of the most comprehensive lists of the most extraordinary products that Jade Bloom has to offer. Our hope is that this list can help you make the decision on what to try out yourself, as well as see other potential out-of-the-box uses or benefits for products you may already own.


Stephanie Wilkinson

Lavender Ointment: Stephanie’s love for the Lavender Ointment is largely due to how versatile of a product it is. With a large blended family, it’s the perfect thing to keep on hand at all times. The Lavender Ointment assists with a variety of skin problems and is safe for all skin types. Using it with her family, Stephanie has had success using the Lavender Ointment for eczema, burns, diaper rash, irritated skin, severe dryness, and much more.


Adam Wilkinson

Lucid Dream Blend: Adam says that the Lucid Blend is his top pick because of the intention it symbolizes for him. He diffuses Lucid almost every night as he starts to fall asleep and Lucid helps him remember his dreams more clearly with the intention of interpreting and understanding them. Adam says that this practice has increased his growth and discovery on his journey of self-realization.


Jenn Chisholm

DermaGlucan Lotion: One of the overall Jade Bloom favorites, the DermaGlucan Lotion takes Jenn’s number one spot. It’s incredibly hydrating and moisturizing and helps with the dry skin Jenn faces from living in the desert. Jenn is so passionate about it, she says she would dip herself in a huge vat of it if she could. Another reason Jenn loves the DermaGlucan lotion is because it doesn’t break her out and is so great for her skin.


Olivia Wilkinson

Soothe Muscle Rub: The Muscle Rub is the very first Jade Bloom product that Olivia fell in love with and it remains her favorite to this day. As a dancer and an actor, Olivia spends a lot of time working on shows, and the Muscle Rub comes in handy for the inevitable soreness afterwards. The Muscle Rub is also wonderful for date night massages and at home spa nights. It melts into the skin and smells incredible.


Jen Nieves

Helichrysum Hydrosol: Jen’s top pick is the Helichrysum Hydrosol. Jen loves hydrosols in general because they don’t bother her skin or break her out like other products do. She loves the antibacterial properties of this hydrosol as well as how amazing it smells. Her favorite time to use it is after the gym because of how great it feels on her sore muscles.


Taylor Wimberly

Grapefruit & Well-Being Deodorant: Taylor’s biggest pull to this deodorant is how good it smells. He says it’s like putting on Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops and he’s obsessed with it. Taylor also likes knowing that he’s using an all-natural deodorant and not putting any toxic or harmful ingredients on his body. As Taylor puts it, it’s like his armpits always yell “THANK YOU SO MUCH” to him.


Nicole Oswald

Black Cumin Seed Oil: Nicole’s favorite is Black Seed Oil because of its incredible anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This is a product that her and her family use multiple times a day and that she feels like she can’t go without. Nicole takes Black Seed Oil daily to boost her immune system. She has also had a lot of success using it on whatever scratches and scrapes her kids may get.


Kenzie Crittenden

Sensitive Alleviate Tension Blend: Kenzie’s top pick is the Sensitive Alleviate Tension Blend. Kenzie deals with frequent headaches that can be caused by stress, overexposure to screens, not enough sleep, or more. She has found that Alleviate is a wonderful method for naturally lessening her headaches, so she keeps it on her at all times. The prediluted rollerball is perfect for applying straight to her temples and neck for quick, natural relief.


Kate Beagley

Pit Paste: Kate loves the Pit Paste and uses it regularly. She loves that it dries so smoothly and is so clear compared to other natural deodorants she has tried. She also likes that it doesn’t get sticky and clumpy like other natural deodorants. Most importantly, it doesn’t irritate her skin. The Pit Paste is offered in a variety of scents and as a scentless option.


Each team member has a different favorite product and their own personal reasons as to why. When it comes down to it, why we love a certain product is a very personal thing: no two people will have the exact same experience with something. We are sharing our personal experiences and preferences in the hope that these products may be able to help our customers in similar ways. These products exist to solve problems and to make life easier or even to simply add an exciting element to your daily routine. We hope that by sharing how they have done so for us, you are able to determine what may do the same for you.