Discovering Unexpected Joy: A Customer Service Perspective at Jade Bloom

Hello Jade Bloomers!  CS Manager Jackie here! Just wanted to share some of my favorite recipes, 3 unlikely sentiments of a customer service representative, and express some gratitude to all of you for the support YOU show our support team.


Unlikely sentiment #1:

I love my job!

This is something that I genuinely feel the majority of the time. That doesn’t mean there are not stressful days on which this phrase becomes more of a mantra. But, believe it or not, I SERIOUSLY love my job! I have the pleasure of working alongside some of the most diligent, altruistic, affable, ethical and enthusiastic people I know. I’ve been provided with the rare opportunity of being in a work environment where risk, self-improvement, and integrity are not just encouraged but ultimately a natural byproduct of the culture. As you all have probably gathered by now, Jade Bloom is a family-owned company. The same ideals that keep a family strong and thriving are the same norms that we cultivate here at Jade Bloom week after week. It’s these norms that give you the small business semblance each and every time you work with our support team. Here are the Jade Bloom company norms we all do our best to adhere to :).  We meet weekly to discuss creative ways to uphold these norms as a team.

Unlikely sentiment #2:

I love meetings.

Whether it’s to discuss new products we’re announcing to you, to brainstorm on products we’ve been encouraged by all of you to produce, or to introduce new policies put in place to better serve our customers, we have a company meeting each and every week. Some of our best ideas have been conceived in these meetings; one of note would be our latest push to get feedback from customers on some of their more recent Jade Bloom purchases. We called upon all of you to tell us what we did well, what we could have done better and encouraged you all to feel free to contact us about truly ANYTHING at all. We were essentially creating a way to have a weekly meeting with all of our customers. The response was overwhelming. This job that can be so different from day to day became especially novel as you all replied to us. Like any other morning, I opened the Jade Bloom Support inbox to converse with all of you like I do on a daily basis to find an outpouring of appreciation and kind words. Some of you gave us the opportunity to make things right that you hadn’t previously had the time to contact us about. Others brought to our attention some of our products you’ve been particularly enjoying and shared with us what you love about them. No matter the reason for contacting us, the real trick to our exceptional customer service is that you just do; you contact us. You keep an open line of communication, some of you almost daily, and it is this open line of communication that makes this team one I am proud to be a part of. Which leads me to my next unlikely sentiment…

Unlikely sentiment #3:

Tell me when I’m wrong.

This is truly a gift to me, as it creates an ideal, efficient and prompt way for me to ensure your satisfaction and absolve any concerns you may have about Jade Bloom. After nearly a decade-long career of customer service positions, I was particularly surprised by a few of you who wrote in explaining you hadn’t received certain products, that they had been damaged during transit, or, for one reason or another, were not exactly what you were looking for. Our email imploring you to give us your feedback and you subsequently providing it was the difference between a mediocre customer experience and one that supersedes your expectations. I truly mean this, Jade Bloomers: If ANYTHING is ever wrong, no matter what it is, do not hesitate to contact us.  We want you to let us know as soon as something doesn’t seem quite right. That is what we are  here for. To serve you; not just by providing the best possible products for your body at affordable prices but also by listening to and working with you until a resolution you find suitable is arrived at.

So, it is with the sincerest gratitude that I reach out to all of you today. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make things right and ensure a quality customer experience every single day. Thank you for taking the time to review products, as it not only helps us but also other customers.

In the past, along with our gratitude, I’m sure some of you have seen us gift you points just to say “Thank you.” Well, in that same vein, I’d like to gift you all some simple tips for using essential oils for something every single day, and some of my favorite homemade recipes. Enjoy!

Clean with Essential Oils

This is especially important if you have young children or people with weakened immune systems in the home. Take a few drops of essential oils (5-6 drops) and apply them to a folded, damp paper towel and wipe down your counters. I personally like to use ourCITRUS blend, our PROTECT blend, (especially during flu season), and our CLEANSE blend.

Commute with Essential Oils

I commute at least a cumulative hour 5 days a week. Sometimes NPR can be stressful, and that’s when I remember that I can enjoy my essential oils on the go. :)

UNWIND is a great blend for my commute to and from work. I put 3-5 drops of UNWIND in my AromaWave car diffuser and then plug it into my 12V socket.

Tip: Don’t have an AromaWave diffuser yet? Apply 3-5 drops of UNWIND to a cotton ball and then put it in between the slats of your air conditioning vent.

DIY Room Freshener

Here's what you’ll need:

-- 2 oz Boston Round with Spray Nozzle 

-- 1 oz Water

-- 1 oz Vodka*, Gin, or rubbing alcohol

-- 15 drops Jade Bloom’s Rare Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil

-- 5 drops Jade Bloom’s Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

-- Optional : 5 drops Jade Bloom’s Vanilla Oleoresin

In your glass 2 oz Spray Bottle, add your alcohol, and your water. Then add the essential oils and shake well. This formula will separate so shake before each use. :)

*Using Vodka or grain alcohols in general to freshen the air omits musty odors but does not pollute the air (and subsequently your lungs) with added chemicals, known-to-be harmful artificial fragrances or petroleum-derived propellants. They are an odorless base as they dry so they make a great base for the essential oils.

DIY Oil Cleanser

This is best for Dry/Aging skin and totally customizable depending on what Jade Bloom oils you have in your collection. :)

Here's what you'll need:

-- 2 oz Boston Round bottle with Pipette

-- Jade Bloom Essential oils

-- Jade Bloom Carrier oils

Pick any 3 of the following Jade Bloom oils and use 3 drops of each: Geranium, Lavender, Neroli, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Carrot Seed

Pick any 3 of the following Jade Bloom carriers and use them to fill up the rest of the 2 oz bottle: Camellia, Rosehip, Castor, Sweet Almond. Typically a 3:2:1 dilution ratio is best.

Shake gently before each use. It’s a myth that oils make your skin oily. The right combination of oils can balance out your skin in a way that makes it to where this product is all you’ll need beyond a once a week exfoliation to obtain beautiful, supple, and nourished skin.

As we end this week and begin the next, I’d like to encourage all of you reading to contact us with your requests: requests for services, products, recipes, or ANYTHING. This helps us immensely and makes us better at what we do.