Nurturing Maternal Mental Health: May’s Collaboration for Awareness

Nurturing Maternal Mental Health: May’s Collaboration for Awareness

This month, as we honor Mental Health Awareness, Jade Bloom is embarking on a meaningful journey, hand in hand with an organization that resonates deeply with our mission. We are proud to announce our collaboration with The Emily Effect, an organization close to our hearts, dedicated to shedding light on maternal mental health and supporting mothers through their postpartum journey. Maternal mental health is an often overlooked aspect of women’s well-being, yet its impact reverberates throughout families and communities. Throughout May, in alignment with Mental Health Awareness Month, we invite you to join us on this journey of education, empowerment, and advocacy. Stay tuned for a month filled with giveaways, collaborations, expert tips, and exclusive products–all designed to spark conversations and spread awareness about The Emily Effect and maternal mental health.

Together, we can create a world where mothers feel supported, understood, and empowered on their journey to mental wellness. Let’s unite in raising awareness and breaking the stigma surrounding maternal mental health.


A Personal Connection

Kenzie Crittenden, a Jade Bloom Team Member with a personal connection to the family, expresses what this collaboration means to her and provides some background on the family behind The Emily Effect:

“Maternal mental health isn’t talked about enough in my opinion. I think it’s difficult for women to talk about it. There’s a lot of shame when it comes to being depressed, anxious, unhappy, or mentally unstable after having a baby. There should only be happiness right? You just had a baby, you need to be happy and be a good mom. 

Well that’s not always the case. Women’s bodies go through so much during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Hormones are one thing that also experience immense changes which affect the brain and can lead women to experience emotions and difficulties they’ve never experienced before. 

For one mother, Emily, this was the case. After having her fifth beautiful child, she struggled greatly with her mental health and the resources were limited. Her mental illness ended up taking her life. 

I distinctly remember the way her passing shook our community. There was beauty in the way everyone came together in support. There’s beauty in the amazing foundation - The Emily Effect - that Emily’s husband and sister started in honor of her. However it shouldn’t cost us lives for resources to become available. There needs to be change now. We need to truly talk about the postpartum journey to empower women and help them know they are not alone. 

To those asking, how can I help? How can I make a difference? Well it starts small. Everyone has a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother, or friend. Have genuine conversations to help remove the stigma surrounding these conversations. Follow the Emily effect on social media and repost their videos. Like, comment, and tag: share your insights and things you’ve learned. Through these small interactions is how we make a change. It’s how we save lives and empower the women who will be raising the next generation.”


What Are We Doing

Jade Bloom is honored to be teaming up with The Emily Effect not only for the month of May in honor of Mental Health Awareness month; but year round to bring more attention to this matter that affects not only mothers, but families as a whole.
1. A portion of the proceeds of our sales in May of 2024 will be directly donated to The Emily Effect to further the mission and conversation about the Maternal Mental Health journey.
2. We will soon be launching to all customers the ability to purchase Journey Blend and Journey Blend oil infused products. This line of products are meant to help women relax, heal, and indulge. Year-round, a portion of the profit of the Journey line will be donated on an ongoing basis to continue to further the mission of The Emily Effect because we Stand with Moms.
3. Jade Bloom is committed to continue reminding moms they are not alone on this journey, and that there are resources to help and hope to navigate their continual journey in all stages of motherhood.

What Can You Do

Won’t you join us by helping spread the word:

Together, we can stand with moms and end the stigma surrounding maternal mental health.