Celebrate Father's Day with Jade Bloom's Men's Products

Celebrate Father's Day with Jade Bloom's Men's Products

Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show appreciation for the fathers and father figures in your life than with the gift of natural wellness? At Jade Bloom, we are proud to offer an array of men's products crafted with the finest natural ingredients. Whether you’re shopping for a rugged outdoorsman, a meticulous groomer, or a health-conscious dad, our collection has something special for everyone. Here's a spotlight on our exceptional men's products perfect for Father's Day.


The Ultimate Men’s Kit: A Comprehensive Grooming and Wellness Experience

Our Ultimate Men’s Kit is the perfect gift for any dad looking to elevate his grooming and stay healthy naturally routine. This all-in-one kit includes:

- Groom Beard Oil: Crafted to help groom, soften, and promote the growth of men’s hair and facial hair.

- Norway Spruce & Juniper Berry Deodorant: An all-natural deodorant alternative with a refreshing masculine scent.

- B85 Immunity Supplement (1 month supply): Boost his immune system with the power of Beta Glucan.

- Fresh Pine Bar Soap: Infused with invigorating pine scent for a refreshing shower experience.


Essential Grooming Accessories

- Wooden Beard Comb: Perfect for keeping both hair and facial hair neat and tangle-free. This comb is gentle on the hair and helps distribute natural oils.

- Mustache Wax Balm: Designed to soften and shape facial hair, giving it a sharp, polished look.

- Tame Pomade: A must-have for styling hair with a strong yet flexible hold.

- Regrow Hair Blend: Promote healthy hair growth and maintenance with our specially formulated blend.


Health and Wellness Essentials

- Protect Lip Balm: Utilizing Jade Bloom’s Protect Immunity Blend, this lip balm not only moisturizes but also helps build up the immune system.

- Soothe Muscle Rub: Ideal for massages, this rub helps alleviate sore muscles and achy joints.

- B85 Glucan: Available in a 1 month, 2 month, or 3 month supply, our B85 Glucan supplement is designed to strengthen the immune system, ensuring the men in yoru life stay healthy and vibrant.


New Arrivals: Exciting Additions to Our Men’s Line

We are thrilled to introduce new products just in time for Father’s Day:

- Tattoo Balm: Assist in the healing of new tattoos and refresh old ones with our nourishing balm.

- Men’s Blends - Wild Wood and Cedar Citrus: Two new invigorating blends. Wild Wood offers a rugged, earthy aroma while Cedar Citrus combines fresh and zesty notes for a unique masculine scent.

- New Pit Paste Scents: Enjoy the masculine and refreshing scents of Wild Wood and Cedar Citrus in our all-natural deodorant alternatives.

This Father's Day, give the gift of natural wellness and premium grooming products from Jade Bloom. Celebrate the men in your life with thoughtful, high-quality essentials that show you care about their health and happiness. Visit Jade Bloom to explore our full range and find the perfect gift for your dad.