Calming the Storm: Aromatherapy Solutions for Easing Kids’ Anxiety and Stress

Calming the Storm: Aromatherapy Solutions for Easing Kids’ Anxiety and Stress

We know that, as parents, you want nothing more than to support your children as they navigate a world of complicated trials, emotions, and experiences. Children can sometimes deal with substantial emotional turmoil that they often can’t process or deal with, so it’s beneficial to be aware of different opportunities to aid your children in navigating their emotional journey. In an effort to assist with this, we are providing education on the potential benefits of aromatherapy for the anxiety and stress of children.


Safe Aromatherapy Practices with Children

It’s very important to be aware of what is safe and what is not in regards to aromatherapy use with and around children. Some important practices include always storing them where small children will not have access, properly diluting essential oils, noting that hydrosols are a safe and reliable option for children, and always checking whichever oil you intend on using to ensure that it is safe to be used on children of certain ages. Above all else, always do your research and consult a licensed aromatherapist when in doubt. For any specific questions regarding what oils are safe for children of which ages, you can refer to this chart.


Essential Oils with Children

If you have children between the ages of 0-2, we never recommend any essential oil use for them. Hydrosols and ointments are much safer options for children of these ages. However, for children above 2, there are many ways that using specific essential oils can help reduce negative emotions and experiences such as depression, anxiety, and stress. 

A study conducted in 2022 used previous research regarding the impact of essential oils on mental health in a new experiment. They not only tested the ability of certain essential oils to assist with mental health, but also on their ability to alleviate anxiety surrounding the demands of school and academic expectations as well as increase the odds of academic success. They tested Rosemary, Lavender, Mint, Lemon, and Sweet Orange, and eventually concluded that Sweet Orange had the most success out of the 5. They then went forward with their study using primarily Sweet Orange. In the end, they concluded that certain calming essential oils, particularly Sweet Orange, are very beneficial in promoting an improved mental and emotional state in children as well as improving their academic performance (National Library of Medicine).


We recommend using calming essential oils such as Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, Frankincense, and Sweet Orange (all essential oils safe for children 2 and up) to create a soothing and supportive environment that will help your children manage their emotions as well as their schoolwork. Essential oils can be diluted and applied topically to assist your children or can be diffused around a space (this is the method tested in the study mentioned above and what we recommend as well). Another great tip for assisting with the academic performance of your children is having a certain essential oil be diffused in the room where your child is studying for a test and then they can smell that same essential oil right before or while taking the test. This can help with the retention of what they’ve learned and allow them to recall the information for the test. We also recommend BigLifeJournal as a wonderful resource for additional information on mindfulness for your children and it also has free printables.


Overall, essential oils and aromatherapy can be incredibly useful in assisting with your children’s navigation of complicated emotions and academic challenges. Always be sure to do your individual research before using any essential oils with a child and refer to a licensed aromatherapist when you want additional expertise.