Sunburn Gel w/ Essential Oils

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Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to help with burns. With the added bonus of Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils, your skin will be less mad at you for staying out in the sun all day long. Just scoop a generous finger-full of product and massage it into the sunburned skin. Use multiple times a day to help heal the skin. For an added cooling effect, put this product in the refrigerator.

- Cold Pressed Aloe Vera
- Peppermint Essential Oil
- Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

The aloe vera will put the moisture back into the skin while the peppermint oil will relieve any itching associated with the burn. Lavender oil has long been used for burns and helps reduce inflammation and soothes the skin.

What You Will Receive:
- One 2oz bottle of Sunburn Gel
- Instructions on Use

Disclaimer: You are responsible for ANY allergies or skin sensitivities you have. I list all ingredients in my oil blends. It is not my job to ask you what you are allergic or sensitive to. Please carefully review each blend to make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredients. If you would like to know if there are any oil blends I can create without a certain oil (i.e. anxiety blend without lavender) please contact me directly and we can work something out.

NEVER ingest essential oils unless first consulted with a doctor.
The oils I use are not FDA approved and are not meant to be ingested.
Keep away from children and pets (many oils are harmful to pets).
Do not rub near eyes!

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