Debunking the Myth: The Truth About Skin Reactions to Essential Oils

Bad Reaction or Rash to Essential Oils = Detoxification    

If a trusted friend recommended a new brand of lotion that you have never tried before, and after using it, you discover a large rash on your skin, would you keep using it? ...Probably not, right?

Well, what if your friend told you that this was normal and was just your body detoxifying? Would you believe them?
On the one hand, your skin is red, itchy, and/or tender to the touch, so your initial reaction would be to stop, but on the other hand, your friend swears that it’s normal, so you might continue using the lotion against your better judgment.

This seems like an abnormal situation that wouldn’t ever happen in real life, but unfortunately, in the health and essential oil world, this kind of stuff happens all of the time.

You can read reports where this belief has caused severe injuries, and we as a company are determined to stop the spread of terrible misinformation.

Here is an example from Aromatherapy World’s injury report of a woman who experienced a severe rash that led to a trip to urgent care:
“I was under the impression that EO’s were completely safe to use and that my reaction was necessary and desirable in that it was getting rid of toxins in my body.”

This is one of many stories… This myth has permeated the essential oil community so much so that it is now a broadly held belief, but here’s the truth:

If you experience like this, this is your body saying “PLEASE STOP!” Not, “Thank you, I really needed that!” If this happens, wash the area with soap and water followed by a generous layer of carrier oil such as coconut oil. Discontinue the use of essential oil until the reaction has subsided for 24+ hours.

If you are using a new oil in a topical application, start by doing a skin patch test. Dilute the oil, then apply it to your wrist, and wait 24 hours. If you notice any redness, itchiness, or anything abnormal, then it’s best to proceed with caution.
We want to make sure everyone stays safe out there.