Jewel Soap - Jojoba Care, goat milk & olive oil bar soap, unscented, all natural

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This is an all natural soap made with fresh goat milk and only olive oil for the base oil.  Although it does contain vanilla bean it does not smell of vanilla.  We consider it unscented. 

Of all my soaps this would be my top pick for babies.  It is also the top one I recommend to people with super sensitive/problem or dry skin.  It is my mother's favorite!

Because there are no synthetics in the soap and because it is so very moisturizing it is very uncommon for anyone to have a problem with this soap.

Ingredients:  Saponified Olive Oil, Goat Milk, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vanilla Bean Specks

The soap is hand-poured and hand-cut, so although I try to make them of equal size, they will have a bit of variance.  Also as the bars age they will lose a bit of moisture content and become a bit harder and perhaps longer lasting!  The weight of a bar is approximately 4.25 - 4.90 ounces.

Natural Soaps need to be able to breathe.  If you order extra bars, please do not store them in a tightly sealed container or plastic bag.  Jewel Soap bars are wrapped in fabric which allows the bars to breathe.